Friday, September 13, 2013

Virtual Contact Prints

For approximately 200 years (timeline) photography was only analog photography, yes I am talking about film. I came from the old-school of film whose collected quite a few dusty old, black & white and colour negatives with a collection of colour slides which I'm planning to digitize soon. In order to view our negatives as positives many old timers will remember making contact prints (Google Images) when we had darkrooms back in the day. Therefor I'd say this wee TIP might make life of an old film buff gone or going digital somewhat easier and maybe fun.

Armed with this knowledge it will give one the ability to view all their old Black & White negatives in their positive form. Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge this trick only works for those who have an iOS compatible device such as an iPhone, iPod or iPad. 
To enable the ability on any iOS device (it is so simple it is brilliant) simply hit ... 

Settings> General> Accessibility> Triple-click Home> Invert Colors

Now click the Home button three times to invert the colours and while using the
camera's 'live' view you now have the ability to view any Black & White negative in their positive form.

Hope you find the tip useful, enjoy ...

Viewing Black & White Negatives on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.
As a demonstration I setup the following image to show the TIP in action.
Black & White negatives found throughout Google Images.


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